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There is no better time to consider a career in America’s oil and natural gas industry. Increasing demand for energy and a workforce on the edge of retirement offers unprecedented opportunities for you to transition into an exciting civilian career right away.
America’s oil and natural gas industry is experiencing a shortage of people in three areas: exploration and production, refining, and service and supply. Operators are searching for drilling engineers, facilities operator, and welders to work on the 500,000 producing wells and 4,000 oil and natural gas platforms operating in U.S. waters. America’s 144 refineries need electricians, mechanics, and instrumentation professionals. Drilling contractors, which supply both the drilling rigs and the crews that search for oil and natural gas both onshore and offshore, need roustabouts, derrickhands, and equipment operators.

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Small Photo FPO   Completions Engineer
Small Photo FPO   Drilling Superintendent (aka Rig Supervisor)
Small Photo FPO   Electrical and Instrumentation Technician
Small Photo FPO   Maintenance or Mechanical Technician (aka Mechanic)
Small Photo FPO   Roustabout
Small Photo FPO   Welder
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